Paternus: Rise of Gods – Fantasy Novel Hardbacks

UPCOMING PROJECT KICKSTARTER Launch: Tues 10/29 at 9AM EST End: Mon 11/18 11:59PM EST KS project name: Paternus: Rise of Gods - Fantasy Novel Hardbacks Don't miss out on your copy! Pledge today! -Signed and numbered Rise of Gods Hardbacks -Signed Rise of Gods Paperbacks -Early reader War of Gods (Book 3) ARC eBooks …

Smoke and Stone (City of Sacrifice Book 1) by Michael R. Fletcher

A Grimdark fantasy that represents the best in mixing horror and magic. Michael R. Fletcher has written an amazing book about the devastation left by a war of gods. Filled with forced oppression, and the sacrifice of millions. Gods, who in desperation to save their worshipers, created a city in which the remains of mankind …

The Cover Competition for SPFBO5: A Beautiful Dilemma

Attention All Cover Lovers! You will find a group of 30 beautiful books put forward for the cover competition of  Mark Lawrence's Self Published Fantasy Blog Off. Every year sees more and more head-turning covers gracing the books entered into the SPFBO as savvy authors are going for the gold standard in getting their books noticed.  …

Time’s Demon: BOOK II OF THE ISLEVALE CYCLE by D.B. Jackson

The second book of the Isevale Cycle is so riveting it actually surpasses book one. Time travel presents a challenge to the author and reader alike. D.B. Jackson has mastery of the pitfalls and gives us a story that only continues to ramp up in tension from beginning to end. @ DavidBCoe @angryrobot

Strange Practice (A Dr. Greta Helsing Novel Book 1)  By Vivian Shaw

This is our new monster mash. Greta Helsing (yes, that Helsing) has stepped into her father's shoes as doctor to the undead in present day London where the vampires are not sparkly, the mummies have arthritic breakdown, and the elderly ghoul leader is on anti-depressants.