Oh! That Shotgun Sky (A Songs of Sefate Novella) by Sarah Chorn

Chorn’s talent in pulling the emotional heartstrings is tremendous. Her tales are at once both heartbreaking and heartwarming. All of them are unforgettable stories, filled with characters that haunt your mind and heart long after the last page has turned.

To Dream and Die as a Taniwha Girl ( Yarnsword #5) by Benedict Patrick

After a side step into another dimension with The Flight of the Darkstar Dragon, Benedict Patrick has once again graced us with another installment in his amazing Yarnsworld tales. Kaimana has defied the gods and won the freedom to spend the rest of her days travelling the collection of tropical islands she calls home. But …

Kings of Heaven: Ash and Sand Book 3 by Richard Nell

Kings of Heaven: Ash and Sand Book 3 by Richard Nell A story with political intrigue and magic beyond description, the Ash and Sand series is a bloody tale that manages to find the goodness of humanity in the most surprising ways and in the most

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