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Professional Reader

noun – a genre of fiction that encompasses works in which the setting is other than the real world, involving supernatural, futuristic, or other imagined elements.

My Name is Lynn K. and the definition above covers most of my reading and interests as a nerdy bibliophile. I find the humor in most things and think it is an essential indgredient in life as well as literature.  I enjoy all types of books with SciFi and Fantasy at the top, and all their lovely sub-genres included, as well  genre blends. I love exploring different types of fiction to stay current and will dabble into historical, horror, mythology, and paranormal adventures as well. If it is a well written story, I want to read it!

In addition to SciFi and Fantasy books, you will find film news, Independent studio highlights, Anime films,  Animation, Horror, and VFX as well as creators in all types media. There will be passionate promotion of Self Published and Traditionally Published authors and various shenanigans involving all of the above.

The Grimmedian’s goal is to reach as many SFF and book and media lovers as possible and share reviews and news. New talent exposure and discovery of hidden gems is what motivates  Grimmedian especially, as well as share word of any good news out there, in all aspects of nerd geekiness in general with a lot of grim dark humor and fun along the way.

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