Ash and Bones: City of Sacrifice Book 2 by Michael R. Fletcher

Once again, Michael R. Fletcher delivers an astounding dark tale. A riveting sequel to Smoke and Stone, in which the climatic ending changes everything for Bastion. Full review here.

Ash and Bones surpasses all expectations, even its wildly imagined predecessor.

The true war of gods has begun and the main characters find themselves pawns in the struggle. The magic systems are plentiful and highly imagined. Every character is full of depth and holds a place in the cast. The action, and amazing world-building, from start to finish, had me devour this book in two sittings.

The attacks in the life ring cause untold mayhem and death. The fields that feed the eternal city are burning. There is rioting and the soldiers of Hummingbirds are slaughtering the growers. Our main characters find themselves at war with the gods as they struggle to survive. Discovering who they really are, losing their homes and friends, sends each deep into fear and the search for the power that could save them or damn all of Bastion for eternity.

Nuru, a street sorceress, finds herself the conduit and chosen Heart of Mother Death. Her deadly friend Efra is the chosen Heart of Smoking Mirror. Akachi, priest of Cloud Serpent, finds himself the chosen Heart of his god, ******. The war claims their friends and leaves them at the mercy of strangers of the Loa, whose magic has turned the streets of the outer ring into rivers of blood.

While the Nahual, the clergy, depend on dangerous blends of narcotics to reach their gods, the Loa use the power of emotion channeled through stones. Gradually, while the girls make their way into the inner rings, they form a plan to foil thousands of years of deceit and planning. Even if they must die and enter the underworld to do it and face the gods they must destroy.

This series is a must read for dark fantasy fans. It will take you to insanity and back again. I can’t wait for the next book.

Smoking Mirror spoke in smoke and stone.

Having returned Mother Death to Bastion, Nuru flees to the inner rings. The Loa heretics seek to turn her to their own ends and topple the nahual from power. As Bastion crumbles, Nuru contemplates the ultimate blasphemy: A world without gods.

Broken by his battle with Mother Death, Akachi awakens with renewed purpose. He must hunt the blasphemers who would destroy his beloved city. Armed with the Staff of the Fifth Sun he stalks Nuru through Bastion’s rings. The survival of all h The survival of all humanity rests on his shoulders.

Nothing is as it seems. Smoking Mirror, god of discord and strife, plots behind the scenes. He manipulates gods and men alike in a game as old as time.

From the lowest Grower to the gods at her heart, Bastion is once again at war.

Cover art & typography Felix Ortiz

  • Print Length: 661 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publication Date: August 1, 2020
  • Sold by: Am Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B08B1SGT77

About Michael R. Fletcher

Michael R. Fletcher lives in the endless suburban sprawl north of Toronto. He dreams of trees and seeing the stars at night and being a ninja.
He is the author of BEYOND REDEMPTION (HARPER Voyager 2015), THE MIRROR’S TRUTH (2016), GHOSTS OF TOMORROW (2017), and SWARM AND STEEL (Skyhorse/Nightshade Books, 2017).He likes grilled cheese sandwiches and whiskey. Not always at the same time, but sometimes.

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