Oh! That Shotgun Sky (A Songs of Sefate Novella) by Sarah Chorn

Chorn’s talent in pulling the emotional heartstrings is tremendous. Her tales are at once both heartbreaking and heartwarming. All of them are unforgettable stories, filled with characters that haunt your mind and heart long after the last page has turned.

Of Honey and Wildfires Songs of Sefate Book One By Sarah Chorn

A Whirlwind of Emotion. Full of bright fleeting joy and dark pain. Of Honey and Wildfires is a soul baring story. The characters are broken and remade in so many ways. The author has again poured herself into the story and the result is amazing. The story is based on magic. Loads of it. The …

Time’s Demon: BOOK II OF THE ISLEVALE CYCLE by D.B. Jackson

The second book of the Isevale Cycle is so riveting it actually surpasses book one. Time travel presents a challenge to the author and reader alike. D.B. Jackson has mastery of the pitfalls and gives us a story that only continues to ramp up in tension from beginning to end. @ DavidBCoe @angryrobot

Draigon Weather, Legends of Arnan Book 1

Excellent fantasy, told with a classic trope flipped upside down in a surprising and highly imagined way.   Love books that turn tropes upside down? It’s utterly refreshing and different is sometimes hard to find.  The damsel in distress, life forfeited to the Draigon by the councilmen of Arnan in appeasement of Draigon weather, a …

Review: Song (The Manhunters Book 1)

In just a few short weeks, Jesse Teller will publish the second book of the Manhunters series. This is the perfect time to grab book one, Song. The beautifully stylized covers of The Manhunters don't reveal the depths or origins of the story, they just invite you in so nicely. The creative work of Jenny Zemanek …

SPFBO3: The Cover Contest

The third annual SPFBO3 is well under way. 300 Self Published entrants, 10 amazing blog sites, and in the end there can be only one. With a 97% cut rate in the first round, the competition is a tough one. Each blog site selected for this gruesome, albeit rewarding task, was randomly assigned and received […]

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