Time’s Demon: BOOK II OF THE ISLEVALE CYCLE by D.B. Jackson

The second book of the Isevale Cycle is so riveting it actually surpasses book one. Time travel presents a challenge to the author and reader alike. D.B. Jackson has mastery of the pitfalls and gives us a story that only continues to ramp up in tension from beginning to end. @ DavidBCoe @angryrobot

Time’s Children ( The Ilsevale Cycle Book One) by D.B. Jackson

Portal fantasies have long been a favorite and the time travel which is central to the story creates myriad plot loopholes which can be very difficult to write well, and D.B. Jackson does so with aplomb and great style. @DavidBCoe @angryrobotbooks

Necrotech & Nanoshock: A Double Cyber-Punch To The Face…

Necrotech and Nanoshock are brilliant, raunchy, and violent Cyberpunk that will punch you in the brain, and you'll like it... K C Alexander has a truly unique voice in books. I have been reading her work for years. I immediately heard that unique style in her first book series in a different genre and I …

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