Fantasy Flashback: The Crow (1994)

  The Tragedy That Became A Triumph.... ​​  The Crow , a cult classic from 1994, is a celebrated film in many different ways. Many cultures have folklore which consider crows to be the keepers of the Sacred Law, for nothing escapes their keen sight. Others, say the crow is known as the ominous omen of death because it …

Jonathan French “The Grey Bastards” wins the SPFBO2 2016

In 2015, author and blogger, Mark Lawrence,started a discussion about writers and self promotion. The result was the The Self Published Fantasy Blog Off. Mark stated, “…as a new author, particularly a self-published one, it is desperately hard to be heard. It’s a signal-to-noise problem. Who knows how many Name of the Winds or [fill in your favourite] are lost to us because they just couldn’t be seen? None? A hundred?”