Mortal Engines: The Hungry Cities Chronicles Coming to Theaters

Peter Jackson Tackles another beloved Fantasy. Mortal Engines. Coming to the big screen on December 14, 2018 is one of my most anticipated films in a season when film blockbusters traditionally battle it out for the holidays. Based on the books from Paul Reeves, published in 2001, the steampunk dystopian thriller is a set of …

Time’s Children (Islevale) by D.B. Jackson

Portal fantasies have long been a favorite and the time travel which is central to the story creates myriad plot loopholes which can be very difficult to write well, and D.B. Jackson does so with aplomb and great style. @DavidBCoe @angryrobotbooks

Drones by Rob J. Hayes

Excellent near future dystopian SciFi, this stand alone is a fast-paced page turner. Rob J. Hayes has a real talent for taking mediocre characters with selfish tendencies and turning them into someone that readers will care about. The protagonist, James Garrick, for me, is instantly relatable. As a drone, he has his reasons for choosing …

From The Shadows Of The Owl Queen’s Court (A Yarnsworld Novel) by Benedict Patrick

More tales of the Covae and the tense story of the consequences of assuming power. That for which a human has no immunity to protect themselves against the madness that comes with it. @benedictpaddy #owlqueenscourt