Oh! That Shotgun Sky (A Songs of Sefate Novella) by Sarah Chorn

Chorn’s talent in pulling the emotional heartstrings is tremendous. Her tales are at once both heartbreaking and heartwarming. All of them are unforgettable stories, filled with characters that haunt your mind and heart long after the last page has turned.

Kings of Heaven: Ash and Sand Book 3 by Richard Nell

Kings of Heaven: Ash and Sand Book 3 by Richard Nell A story with political intrigue and magic beyond description, the Ash and Sand series is a bloody tale that manages to find the root goodness of humanity in the most surprising ways and in the most

Smoke and Stone (City of Sacrifice Book 1) by Michael R. Fletcher

A Grimdark fantasy that represents the best in mixing horror and magic. Michael R. Fletcher has written an amazing book about the devastation left by a war of gods. Filled with forced oppression, and the sacrifice of millions. Gods, who in desperation to save their worshipers, created a city in which the remains of mankind …

Caught in Crystal: A Gaslamp Anthology

This anthology, revolving around a crystal theme, contains works from some of our favorite historical fantasy, steampunk, and gaslamp authors. It gives you a really good peek into the novel worlds of each author contribution. Some may be familiar, some will be new to discover. Caught in Crystal is available now for pre-order and releases June …

Legends of the Exiles by Jesse Teller: A Cover Reveal

We are proud to reveal the cover for Jesse Teller's newest upcoming release Legends of Exiles. He has a good story to tell us about how this beautiful art came to be and without further ado, here it is in his own words: The Revealing Cover I needed to go to a place I had …