The True Bastards (The Lot Lands Book 2) By Jonathan French

They’re back. Oh, you beautiful Bastards!

In one of the most anticipated sequels of 2019, Jonathan French has brought back the hoof of  half-orcs we fell in love with in The Grey Bastards. A truly wild ride that will leave you stunned and more in love than ever with the mongrels that have more heart than a entire continent of men.

The True Bastards delivers an even more intense punch than book one, and the story telling just gets better with every page. It’s more of everything. More grit and even more action. More half-orcs and thrice bloods, centaurs, elves, monstrous gods, and self-serving Hisparthan cavaleros, plus a terrifying new threat no one in the lots has ever seen before.

The True Bastards takes us deep into revealing many of the unknowns from book one. The Grey Bastards were left battered with their fortress a smoking pile of rubble, but in True Bastard form, the hoof is trying to salvage their way of life and protect their lot and themselves against new enemies. Rebuilding a place to protect the people of Winsome, themselves, and their Barbarians, with scarce resources is taxing them to their limits.

Told from the point of view of Fetching, now chief of the newly named True Bastards, we see her struggle daily against the starvation of her hoof and the humans of Winsome. Keeping their hogs healthy is paramount, seconded only by the orphaned children in their care. After the destruction of the Kiln, the former fortress of the hoof, Fetching’s own life is in danger from more than just lack of food. With Jackal and Oats abroad, she has to face these challenges with a smaller hoof of riders, using her slops to bolster defenses while they still train to become brothers of the hoof.

Searching for solutions takes the story from one end of the land to the other. Where dangers from both the inhabitants who seek to destroy her hoof and the the strange unknown magic of possible allies cannot protect them, Fetch has to make decisions that could aid them or end them. There are intense revelations in store. Bloody battles fought and mysteries unraveled. The places, people, and creatures are explored in depth while the action sets a bloody and brutal pace.

In all the filthy glory that is the heart of the brothers of the hoof, French weaves an even more intricate plot, revealing not only the past, but what will be the future of the Ul-wundulas, the unforgiving Lot Lands that the Bastards call home.



5/5 stars


About the book:

72243086_780679019040272_5080292986512736256_nFetching was once the only female rider in the Lot Lands. Now she is the proud leader of her own hoof, a band of loyal half-orcs sworn to her command.
But in the year since she became chief, the Lots have tested her strength to the breaking point. The Bastards are scattered, desperate, their ranks weakened by a mysterious famine, their fortress reduced to smoldering slag. And their troubles are only growing. A pack of ravening beasts circles their camp, while grasping human nobles hatch a plan that will shift the balance of power in the Lots.
 Fetch and her comrades are still standing defiant—they’re Bastards, after all—but even the toughest half-orc can take only so much; and Fetch knows they’re on the verge of ruin.
 As she strives to lead her hoof to safety and unravel the plots set against them, Fetching must journey through forbidden elven lands, overcome long-standing hatreds, battle a monstrous wizard of terrifying power—and, worst of all, delve into the dark truths of her own existence.
 She’s no stranger to fighting the world, but on this journey, sharp steel and a strong hog won’t be enough. To survive these trials, she’ll have to defy not just her foes but the very nature of the Lots.
The True Bastards is the sweeping, ambitious second entry in the Lot Lands series, an irresistibly thrilling, gritty, foul-mouthed adventure that deepens, expands—and again upends—the Bastards’ unforgettable world.
  • Print Length: 584 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0525572473
  • Publisher: Crown (October 8, 2019)
  • Publication Date: October 8, 2019
  • Sold by: Random House LLC
  • Language: English

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About Jonathan French
E49780B7-9EA1-49F7-90EE-F2C56A9D6966Jonathan French is the author of the Autumn’s Fall Saga and The Grey Bastards.
His debut novel, The Exiled Heir, was nominated for Best First Novel at the Georgia Author of the Year Awards in 2012. His second book, The Errantry of Bantam Flyn, rose to #6 on the Kindle Norse/Viking Fantasy bestseller list, proudly sharing the top ten with Joe Abercrombie.
His newest series, The Grey Bastards, is best described as “Sons of Anarchy…with half-orcs”. It won the 2nd annual Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off in 2017, and was soon acquired by Crown Publishing. Bennett Coles, author of Virtues of War from Titan Books, praised the book, stating: “Anchored by a trio of complex and unique heroes who won my loyalty in the very first pages, the story explodes into action and doesn’t let up.”
An engaging and energetic speaker, Jonathan has led panel discussions at conventions such as DragonCon, TimeGate, and CONjuration. Recently, he had the pleasure of being featured in an episode of the web-series Retroblasting as a consultant on the cultural impact of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise.
Jonathan currently resides in Atlanta with his wife and son.

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