The Cover Competition for SPFBO5: A Beautiful Dilemma

Attention All Cover Lovers!

You will find a group of 30 beautiful books put forward for the cover competition of  Mark Lawrence’s Self Published Fantasy Blog Off. Every year sees more and more head-turning covers gracing the books entered into the SPFBO as savvy authors are going for the gold standard in getting their books noticed. 

Watch this space for an update on the results of the judging, the winner, and also results of the  public votes. Below you will find a link to Mark’s blog and the entrants where you can cast your own vote for your favorite.

Each of the 10 bloggers judging the competition nominates 3 books on merit of the cover alone. The competition has some truly amazing looking designs this year and it’s time for the judges to vote on the 30 put forward.

In the meantime, you can vote in the popular poll at Mark Lawrence’s blog found here. Have fun making your choices. Every one of these stands on its own merit and we wish all the SPFBO entrants the best. SPFBO has a terrific community of enthusiastic support and is broadening horizons for indie books in the mainstream of Fantasy publishing.

Hurry and get your votes for your favorites in quickly. As soon as the judges send the final scores in, the public voting will close and winners in both judges and public will be announced. What a massively beautiful bunch.
Go vote already!


Watch Grimmedian here and on Facebook for the announcement of the winner!


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