Time’s Demon: BOOK II OF THE ISLEVALE CYCLE by D.B. Jackson

A spectacular follow up to Time’s Children.

The second book of the Isevale Cycle is so riveting it actually surpasses book one. Time travel presents a challenge to the author and reader alike. D.B. Jackson has mastery of the pitfalls and gives us a story that only continues to ramp up in tension from beginning to end. 43626635_729659827367269_1138539295515082752_nThere is quite an expansion on the magickal beings that the humans call demons. We were introduced to the Tirribin, Shonla, Arrokad, and Belvora in book one, and in book two we learn their history, and their habits. Even their needs are explored in detail. Our antagonist is revealed in a fashion which will catch you unaware as your sympathies toward him develop. Suddenly your understanding of the motivations behind the acts becomes very personal. It’s very emotional to witness the baring of the hearts of the characters.

The ongoing story is continued with Tobias, a time walker, and his efforts to keep himself and the young infant princess of Darjean alive. Their travails are harrowing and heartrending. With his time travel, Tobias has created a misfuture. Only those extremely sensitive to time would be able to sense that the place and circumstances of their day to day lives were wrong somehow. Mara, a fellow student of Tobias at the Windhome Castle finds herself sensing the wrongness of her days. The Tirribin, Droe, who in another time had befriended Tobias, shows Mara a different past and Mara, a spanner, begins trying find a way back to where Tobias is now.

The assassins of the autarch of Oaqamar, who have wiped out all but one of the royal family of Dajearn, are desperate to find Tobias and the princess. With the advantage of more advanced tri-sextants, they still risk all, including the revelations of the devices to an earlier time, to hunt and kill Tobias, Mara, and the princess. Even enlisting the hated Belvora to aid them. It seems as if there is no place in time they can hide.
This impressive second book has merely impressed on me the absolute skill of the author. I found it nearly impossible to put down. A fabulous portal flintlock fantasy that I will recommend heartily for years to come.



About the book:
Fifteen year-old Tobias Doljan Walked back in time to prevent a war, but instead found himself trapped in an adult body, his king murdered and with an infant princess, Sofya, to protect. Now he has been joined by fellow Walker and Spanner, Mara, and together they must find a way to undo the timeline which orphaned the princess and destroyed their future. Arrayed against them are assassins who share their time-traveling powers, but have dark ambitions of their own, and the Tirribin demon, Droë, whose desperate quest for human love and Tobias leads her into alliances which threaten all of Islevale.


The beautiful covers are done by Jan Weßbecher

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• Print Length: 506 pages
• Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0857667939
• Publisher: Angry Robot (May 7, 2019)
• Publication Date: May 16, 2019
• Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
• Language: English
• ASIN: B07GD54Z2J

43765097_621611731566765_8448277920513785856_nAbout the Author:
*D B JACKSON is the Crawford Fantasy Award-winning author of more than twenty novels and as many short stories. The Thieftaker novels, urban fantasies. which combine elements of fantasy, mystery, and historical fiction, are published by Tor Books. He also writes under David B. Coe. He has written epic fantasy, contemporary fantasy, the occasional media tie-in, and historical fiction. David has a Master’s and PhD in US history. His books have been translated into a dozen languages. He and his family live in the mountains of Appalachia in the United States.



From www.DavidBCoe.com:

Yes, David B. Coe is also D.B. Jackson, author of the upcoming Islevale Cycle, creator of Islevalethe Thieftaker Chronicles, and the inventor of “TriCorn Punk.”™ The Islevale Cycle is a new time travel/epic fantasy series. The first book, Time’s Children will be released by Angry Robot Books on October 2, 2018. The Thieftaker books combine urban fantasy, mystery, and historical fiction in a series set in pre-Revolutionary Boston, and they’re a helluva lot of fun. But because all of these books are written under a different name, they’re described at a different website: www.dbjackson-author.com


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