The SPFBO 4 Cover Contest Winners!

The ten blogs assigned 30 books each to judge in this year’s competition have cast their votes on the 30 book covers put forward as their favorites.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Gold Medal Winner

The Qwillery2
Gold Medal Winner by artist: Jenny Zemanek Seedlings Design Studio

Silver Medal Winner

The Weatherwax Report1
Silver Medal Winner cover by concept artist Dominik Mayer

Bronze Medal Winner

Lynn's Books
Bronze Medal Winner by James T Eagan of Bookfly Design

The Public Vote

Jenny Zemanek and Seedlings Design Studio once again takes the gold with yet another eye popping design. As pointed out on Mark Lawrence’s results pages, there is no overlap of choices between judges and public votes, but Zemanek’s design leapt to the top once again.

Gold Medal Winner Popular Vote

Seedlings Studio artist Jenny Zemanek
Seedlings Studio artist Jenny Zemanek


Silver Medal Winner Popular Vote

Artist John Anthony Di Giovanni Designer: Shawn T King

Bronze Medal Winner Popular Vote

Kitty G2
Artist: Alex Raspad Typography: Christian Bentulan

As a ridiculously enthusiastic fan of  the Yarnsworld books by Benedict Patrick, posting this cover art never fails to delight. Seedling Design Studio’s artist Jenny Zemanek  has consistently drawn our eyes to her unique stylistic designs, with at least three of this year’s submissions sporting her beautiful work, possibly more, as searching all 300 books is a herculean task. We will be keeping a weather-eye out for her stand-out designs.


Hearty congratulations to all the authors, and their awesome choices in art and design featured in this portion of the  contest. The choices were plentiful this year and casting a vote for just a single one of these head turning designs is nearly impossible, but surely will draw readers to look more closely at each book.



3 Replies to “The SPFBO 4 Cover Contest Winners!”

    1. So true! When I mentioned that going through all 300 and looking at each was a Herculean task, MD Presley posted the next day he’d done just that for his prediction brackets!
      With Song, I love all the Art Deco vibe and when I got a review copy, I immediately asked who designed the cover and KNEW it had to be the same one as Benedict Patrick’s Yarnsworld. He’s crushed in the cover contest for three years straight.
      I can also spot We Ride the Storm’s artist Shawn T King’s work every time. They both have such a fantastic signature in their styles!


      1. Yeah, that whole retro-vibe is something I like, too. I couldn’t imagine going through all of those covers… although, that’s what I tend to do when looking for new books. 🙂
        And Shawn King was the designer, it’s John Anthony Di Giovanni who did the artwork — he’s amazing, and super humble despite hogging the talent pool. 😀

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