Darkest Days Fantasy Bundle

Storybundle is every book lovers dream come true.

NAME YOUR PRICE BOOKS?! The Darkest Days Fantasy offer is irresistible. A fantastic way to try a brand new assortment of new indie authors.

*The Darkest Days Fantasy Bundle, curated by bestselling author Charlotte E. English: Since time immemorial, humankind has been fascinated with midnight tales of dark deeds, of horror and the supernatural, of what waits just out of sight until the sun goes down. As children, we were thrilled and terrified by ghosts and monsters, dangers and darkness; as adults… well, we pretty much still are.

Dark fantasy as a genre takes us back to those days of reading ghost stories under the blankets at night, by the wan light of a single torch. Borrowing from horror and Gothic fiction, mixing the macabre and the horrific with dark magic and fantasy tropes, these tales bring us ghosts and necromancers; dark wizards and witches; vampires and murderers; beleaguered detectives, alone against the dark; sorcerers and thieves; zombies, monsters, fallen angels and much more.

For this bundle, I’ve hand selected ten of the best indie writers working in the dark fantasy genre today. These books span the full range of the fantasy rainbow, from historical fantasy to contemporary, from epic to grimdark. Some are set in imaginative second worlds; others are set in the real world — perhaps just around the corner from you.

Click here to read much more about the bundle, and make sure to click on each cover for reviews and a preview of all the books!

All Covers Large

*SHARED VIA https://storybundle.com/fantasy

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