Draigon Weather & Wing Wind: The Legacies of Arnan I – II By Paige L. Christie


Here There Be Draigons! A Review and a Reveal.

Do you have a penchant for books that turn tropes upside down? It’s utterly refreshing and Draigon Weather does just that and so much more.

This is a story is about the lives of two people who met and became friends as young children. This is the story of their families, their town, and the land in which they live. It is a story of truth and lies. It is a story of true friendship and oppression, and not just an oppression of their land by devastating forces, but the oppression of women by men who hold power, because they suppress and seek to destroy what they fear most.

Draigon Weather is also available in paperback format, with another beautiful cover.

There is a strong component of feminism within the pages of this novel. Men with power fear an ancient knowledge that could rob them of the power and wealth they wield and covet. For generations they have carefully suppressed any and all things which could threaten their way of life. They will do whatever is necessary to appease the Draigon Weather and so they sacrifice women to the dread beasts to keep it at bay whenever it threatens. The councilmen of each part of Arnan send these women to their deaths under the guise of punishing them for unwomanly behavior. Transgressions that may be real or imagined, as to be an enemy of the council is to risk becoming a Sacrifice to the Draigon. Those women that shine brightly with intelligence, who are just a bit quicker than others, a bit too strong willed, who flaunt the laws, and who boldly seek answers are risking the wrath of the men in power. A Sacrifice takes not only the lives of the woman chosen, it brands their children for life as well. Especially their daughters. The society under the thumb of these powerful councilmen and priests is strictly ruled with laws to keep women from gaining what they consider too much knowledge and to feed a falsehood of the true history of Arnan to all of its people, men and women alike, which they do not wish revealed.

Even the teachers of the mighty Draighil, those which train to no other purpose but to become slayers of the Draigon, are hiding the truth from those they have spent generations training. The war waged here is with a returning scourge on the land. A scourge of weather, and the fear of the return of this killing phenomenon, the Draigon Weather, that rules all here in a land periodically ravaged by heat, thirst, hunger, and death brought by the Draigon Weather. Brought by the Draigons themselves.

Paige Christie has a great deal of heart and feeling poured into the pages of Draigon Weather. The prose and dialogue are engrossing. You will not want to put it down. I call it classic fantasy because of the easy flow and tight focus of her narrative of the tale as seen through the eyes of the main characters, Leiel and Cleod. Through their experiences, their friendship and their losses, the truth turns out to be a bitter and painful journey. But dear reader, beware. All is not what it appears to be and that is the true beauty of this story. With Leiel and Cleod we move through naivete, to childish hopes and dreams, love unrequited, courage, fierce determination, tragic losses, and brutally painful consequences, wrapped in sacrifices neither expected the other to have to make.

You’ll find magic and power in unexpected places in Arnan. The war being waged here is not only the one against a returning scourge on the land. It is a scourge of cruelty and lies. The fear of the killing return of this phenomenon, the Draigon Weather, that rules here in a land which can be ravaged at any time by heat, thirst, hunger,and death brought by the Draigon Weather. Brought by the Draigons themselves.

To get your copy of Draigon Weather today, click the cover here.
  • Print Length:352 pages
  • Publisher:Prospective Press; 1 edition (April 18, 2017)
  • Publication Date:April 18, 2017
  • Sold by:Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language:English




Today we have the cover reveal for book 2 in The Legacies of Arnan. Wing Wind, The Legacies of Arnan, will be available for sale in April. Pre-orders can be made here.

28685625_541331609584084_3792264257588953088_nMore Praise for Wing Wind: 

“Two fast friends, welded by choice and fate to an incompatible dynamic—and a love that will try the depth and scope of their human destinies as never before. A powerful second book for a brand new series.”

—Janny Wurts, author of the Wars of Light and Shadow series



(You can find Janny Wurt’s full Goodreads review here.)

“…Christie’s skillful evocation of a disintegrating landscape and the dysfunctional society grappling with that disaster is worth being patient for, as is Cleod’s gritty, desolate perseverance.” ~ Publisher’s Weekly

“Draigon Weather deftly takes those tried and tested tropes – the gallant dragon slayer, the damsel in distress – and turns them on their head. It’s a beautifully measured, compelling tale of two young people struggling against the roles society has forced upon them. It’s also a moving anthem to the power of stories and the deepest bonds of sisterhood. Christie brings her world to life through earthy, honest storytelling, which is a pleasure to read. I can’t wait for Book Two.”
Lucy Hounsom author of The Worldmaker Trilogy

About the Author:

A1uy4S6LrHL._UX250_Raised in Maine, Paige L. Christie became obsessed with books after falling in love with the movie, The Black Stallion. When her mother presented her with a copy of the book the movie was based on, worlds opened up. It had never occurred to Paige that there was more to a story than what a movie showed. Imagine her joy at learning that novels had more to say than movies. What followed was a revelation that stories could not only be read but written. This led to decades filling notebooks with stories. Two random Degrees later (in English and in Web Technology), the gentle prodding of a friend urged Paige into an experiment that broke loose Paige’s writing in completed-novel-form for the first time. (No, she was not bitten by a radioactive anything.)

Paige lives the NC mountains, writing speculative fiction, walking her dog, and being ignored by her herd of 3-legged cats. Always a nerd, obsessive about hobbies like photography, Ghawazee Dance, and listening to the characters in her head, Paige can be found slightly left of center. As a believer in the power of words, Paige tries to tell stories that are both entertaining and thoughtful. Especially of interest, are tales that speak to women, and open a space where adventure and fantasy are not all about happy endings.

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