Vulgarpunk – My New Favorite Genre

Woods has coined a new genre and gives you all the right reasons people can identify with Riko, our completely flawed main character. Nanoshock continues with more of the same and a slew of even harder lessons to learn.

Lost In The Woods

I meant to write this review a week ago and what I mean by that is that I had planned on starting to read this book before that particular point in time. Try to keep it to as close to a book a week as I can. As may be evidently clear by now I cannot keep a schedule to save my soul. I’d like to blame illnesses for this delay but no. I was just really fucking lazy.

Today’s feature is K.C. Alexander’s Necrotech. A cyberpunk book that a friend recommended to me as being right up my alley and how right she was! It’s not the greatest cyberpunk novel I’ve ever read (a sample size now of 3 novels) but it is a lot of fun. It’s the literary equivalent of an action movie. Make some popcorn, kick back, and enjoy. Actually before you do that let…

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